About the Author

Oscar D. Garcia, ozkary, is a passionate technologist and principal software engineer with over 25 years of experience. He has a proven track record in leading the development of innovative and scalable cloud solutions across diverse industries. Oscar’s professional focus has been on writing enterprise solutions using technologies such as Python, .NET (C#, VB), JavaScript, TypeScript, SQL, Visual Studio, and GitHub.

When it comes to data engineering for Big Data use cases, Oscar has extensive experience using data platform technologies hosted on the cloud. He has worked with on-premises Oracle and SQL Server relational systems as well as cloud-based data warehouse platforms like AWS Redshift and Google BigQuery. His expertise encompasses the entire solution journey, from concept to design, architecture, implementation, and delivery to production environments, always considering security and operational specifications.

Beyond code, Oscar actively contributes to the tech community as a leader of the Google Developer Group in Broward County, FL, and a recipient of five Microsoft MVP awards. He maintains and constantly writes articles on the latest technology on his blog at ozkary.com, and he publishes technology videos on YouTube Ozkary YouTube Channel. He also maintains code repos on ozkary GitHub. Oscar thrives in collaborative environments and is eager to leverage his experience and passion to contribute to the technical communities around the world. You can contact Oscar at Twitter/X @ozkary.

Oscar D. Garcia, ozkary