About this book

This book transcends theory, thrusting you directly into the dynamic world of data engineering. We’ll journey through the entire process, from discovering raw data to crafting insightful visualizations using powerful tools like Python, Jupyter Notebooks, Terraform, Docker, Data Lakes, Data Warehouse, Pipelines, Orchestration and Looker Studio. Each step is a hands-on learning experience, guided by GitHub-hosted exercises that let you tackle real-world challenges.

This book will guide you into not thinking about ad-hoc implementations but embrace the power of process-driven data engineering. This journey transcends mere solution development; it’s about learning a meticulously crafted process for extracting actionable insights from data. You’ll navigate a structured path, commencing with a discovery phase that unveils the hidden stories within your data and ending with an operational data warehouse for your data analysis.

The tools we cover in this book include:

By the end, you won’t just be a data enthusiast; you’ll become familiar with the technologies and process to be a data engineer, equipped to conquer similar challenges with confidence. This book isn’t just about learning tools; it’s about understanding the data engineering process. You’ll learn how cloud engineers, DevOps specialists, data analysts, SQL and Python developers weave their work together to transform raw data into actionable insights. This holistic perspective empowers you to collaborate effectively and navigate the data landscape with ease.

👍This book is about HI (Human Intelligence) expertise and experience


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