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Data Engineering Process Fundamentals - Discovery

4 minute read

Ozkary Data Engineering Process Discovery

During the discovery step of a Data Engineering Process, we look to identify and clearly document a problem statement, which helps us have an understanding of what we are trying to solve. We also look at our analytical approach to make observation...

Data Engineering Process Fundamentals

4 minute read

Ozkary Data Engineering Process

Data Engineering is changing constantly. From cloud data platforms and pipeline automation to data streaming and visualizations tools, new innovations are impacting that way we build today’s data and analytical solutions. This is an overview of Da...

Use Remote Dev Container with GitHub Codespaces

4 minute read

Ozkary GitHub Codespaces layers

As Software Engineers, we usually work with multiple projects in parallel. This forces us to configure our work stations with multiple software development tools, which eventually leaves our workstation performing poorly. To overcome this problem,...